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About Sally

Sally Poppe was a destined artist.  Born of Chinese descent in the city of Saigon with its confluence of Southeast Asian and French Colonial allure, Sally lovingly and proudly recalls the early artistic influences in her life – stemming from rich cultural imprints and a familial array of bustling artistry and creativity.  From her grandfather, a celebrated sculptor, her mother, a talented dressmaker whose stylish creations continue to inspire her own collective works, Sally has and continues to draw upon these idyllic memories as constant reminders and inspiration for her prolific work.

Sally left Saigon at an early age; she was raised in Southern California.  Upon completing her secondary education, she wanted to attend FIT in New York, but instead followed her father’s advice.        She remained in California to attend the Academy of Art University in San Francisco, where she studied Fine Art.  Infused with an artist/voyager’s spirit, she traveled to Italy to study Art History.  While in Europe she developed an insatiable desire to explore and travel throughout the continent to learn and discover everything she could to incorporate into her burgeoning artistic experience.  In a testament to her creative influences at the time, Sally deemed her largest challenge as the ability to, “capture all of the movements, colors and moods that life offers and include them in my work and my art. I suppose you could say art and fashion are in my heart and soul and to express myself artistically, or wither.” 

With vivid memories of her mother expertly designing and crafting stylish garments, serving as fresh inspiration for her own creations, she waxed charmingly, “I remember at a very young age, watching my mother waving her scissors, cutting silk fabric as though she was waving a magic wand. After that she’d sew it up with an antique paddle sewing machine with no motor.  The next thing you know... Voila! - Like a magician, she’d conjured up beautiful ao dai. I’m so fortunate, I was taught by the best designer, whose classic, tailored style is so memorable and inspiring.  To this day, my own style includes a vintage, tailored bearing.”

Having always believed in experimenting, Sally’s evolution as a designer and artist can be viewed in her eponymous collection of cashmere knitwear, designed and constructed in the finest tradition using modern textures and chic, understated designs that strike a clever balance with a beautifully executed aesthetic that plays with scale and color.  Her skilled, well-practiced design expertise was carefully honed as; a sketch artist for Kathy of California, a designer at Planet Love, a designer’s artist at Creative Knitting and as lead designer at Pointella all of which are discreetly present in her current brand. 

Similarly, her artwork includes charcoal sketches, oil, water and acrylic paintings and sculptures that show a natural progression of stately works that convey presence with a subtle, but slightly mysterious beauty.   

Sally fills her time designing and producing her trendsetting collections, along with her passionate pursuit of her extraordinary painting and of course loving, enjoying and caring for her family and her energetic coterie of wonderful friends.

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